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A Fund Raising, Team Building, Sand Sculpture Event
Winning Team
Drawing from the Omaha Sand in the City®
"How often are you asked to donate your time by playing in the sand? When is the last time you BUILT something WITH your Client?
Only Sand in the City® gives me that"
Kurt Rader
The Rader Group

Team Architect

One member of each team is an Architect. The architect will help the team draw up their sculpture plans.


Architects Role

The Architect's role on the team is very similar to role of any architect:

Architects receive some specialized training, contained in the Architect's Guide to Sand in the City®. This details the drawings needed for Sand in the City®.

This is a great chance for an intern architect to oversee a project from beginning to end.

We’ve had nothing but enthusiastic response from Architects to Sand in the City®. It’s interesting and fun to work in a new medium.


As a bonus, often new clients for the architect are made through Sand in the City®. Who are you going to call when you need a new building? The architect you Know.

Many Architects have used their Sand in the City® experiences as resume items. There is also an Architects Award for Sand in the City®, given out on Friday after the contest.