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Winning Team
Sponsors' logos in the display sculpture, Omaha Sand in the City®
"Sand in the City® has been a wonderful and unique event to sponsor for Bank of the West. The Publicity, Community Participation, and Team Building for my employees combine to make this event a Win-Win for all involved. "
Lisa Pershing
Sr. VP. Bank of the West

Why get involved?

What event's worth putting my company name on?
And what benefits do I actually receive?

That’s the equation every sponsor weighs with every sponsor proposal.


Sand in the City® offers something a little different. More than just an event that people show up to, Sand in the City® becomes a community building event. People put in on their calendars months ahead of time, people post to their blogs about it, and it's in the company newsletter, year after year.


Sand in the City® Delivers:

Sponsor Benefits, HR Team Benefits, Good Corporate Citizen Benefits, Tax Benefits

4 Birds – One Stone
When was the last time an NPO gave you that offer?

Sponsor Packages

Each Sand in the City® will offer a customized Sponsor Package to each sponsor.
The real question is, “What benefits do you want?" Help us define how you can get the maximum benefit from Sand in the City® for your company.