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Display Sculpture at the Olympia Sand in the City®
"Sand in the City® was my intial contact with the NPO. Now I'm the Board Chair."
Miles Woofter
Yost Grube Hall Architects

Sand in the City® Community


The NPO is the Producer of this show. The NPO staff will direct and delegate the Event. The amount of staff time varies widely. Most have one staff person involved with the Planning Committee.

Planning Committee

Usually made up of 4-10 local volunteers the first year.

The Planning Committee will use the Sand in the City® Event Producer’s Handbook to plan all aspects of the event. Job descriptions, timelines and checklist are included. 1st year planning takes about 400 hours, including sales, marketing, and logistics.


The heart and soul of any event. A crew of 20 to 40 volunteers are needed for the first year. Job descriptions are detailed in the Sand in the City®Event Producers Handbook.

Company Teams

This is where most of the $$ for this event come from. Our job is to make sure the teams have a great time and want to come back year after year.
These folks to get to know your NPO and your cause at your event.  They become walking ambassadors for your NPO, often adopting your NPO as their own favored charity.


Sponsors are company teams that have come in at a higher level.
As such, they receive more benefits from the event.
Title Sponsor should be the first sponsor signed before announcing the event to other teams.
A Construction Company Sponsor is also key. This company will haul in the sand and remove it after the contest. They get a free team for this, usually become one of the biggest contributors to the People’s Choice Voting.


We match up an architect with every team, helping them draw up their artistic vision.

City or Location

Location, Location, Location!
Where you hold Sand in the City® has a big impact. Ideally, you want a downtown plaza, downtown park, downtown parking lot, or downtown closed street. The City is your landlord, and controls your access.