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Sand in the City® comes with a complete How-To Manual, including timelines, to do lists, and more importantly, WHY things are needed."
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Event Producers Manual

Sand in the City® is a proven event. It’s been successful since 1996 and has worked in cities of 50K to cities of 1M+. You are not reinventing the wheel.

There is an Event Producer's Manual for Sand in the City®. It contains step-by-step instructions on how to plan and execute this event. It contains:

You also get help from Sand in the City® throughout your planning and event. We are here to help. Your success is our future.


We can send you the 1st part of the Event Producer's Manual. Including:

Is this a Good Fit?

The goal here is to see if Sand in the City® is a good fit for your organization. This information should help you evaluate Sand in the City®, and determine if your organization has the support to host this event. Usually you’ll have some questions, and we’ll answer them.

Once we decide that Sand in the City® is a good fit, then we pick a date, and sign a Partnership Agreement. Next you receive the full Event Producers Guide, and we get to work.

What does the NPO do? What does Sand in the City® do?

Sand in the City® provides a blueprint on how to plan, and run your successful event. This is contained in the Event Producer’s Manual. It’s also the personal attention of Sand in the City® staff that helps your event be a success.
We train your NPO how to run this event. We also train the teams in sand sculpture techniques so they make great sculptures, and have a great time. We are available to go with you to help sign Sponsors, Teams, Architects, etc.

Sand Coaches that help the teams and carves the display sculpture are a big part of Sand in the City®. Sand in the City® recruits and directs these Coaches for the success of your event.

The NPO does the organizing in their community, and earns the $$ and Publicity from this event. The NPO provides the volunteers to do the planning and execution of this event.

Yes, the majority of the actual work is done by the NPO, and you get the majority of the $$. The first few years, Sand in the City® is very involved in helping you with your event. As time goes on, you’ll need us less for the routine, and we are still there with new ideas, and help with the exceptions.

Minimum Needs for Success

It does no one any good if this is not a good fit for your NPO. There are easier fundraisers. But you if you are looking for a Signature Event, that deliverers $$, Publicity and New Long Term Friends and Supporters, you have a chance to grow a Community Building event giving you long term benefits.

For a successful Sand in the City®, an NPO will need:

Next Steps

I really think this is best done by phone, or in person.
Please, call us and let’s talk about your organization, what your goals are and what you are trying to accomplish. Then lets see if Sand in the City® is a good fit for your organization, and your goals.

At that time, we’ll send you out a DVD of past SitC® contests. You’ll sign a proprietary statement on Sand in the City®, and we’ll send you information to help you evaluate if Sand in the City® will work for you and your organization.