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A Fund Raising, Team Building, Sand Sculpture Event
Winning Team
Happy winning team at the Portland Sand in the City®
"Sand in the City® is growing the next generation of sand sculptors in the USA"
Doc Reiss
World Championship of Sand Sculpture

Sand in the City® Contests

Some of the other Sand in the City® contests out there.




Iowa City

Kansas City


Sand in the City® Videos

Portland -1




Iowa City-1

Iowa City-2

University of Nebraska Architects

Tons more, do a search.


Sand Sculpture Info

Sand Castle Central - Great site for sand sculpture in general. Contest listings, Tools for sale, Sand Technique, etc.


Bucket and Tube Video - The basic lesson you wish you had as a kid.


Sand Coaches

Some of our Sand Coaches have their own sites. Check them out.

Jon Woodworth

Mark Landrum

Sue McGrew