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A Fund Raising, Team Building, Sand Sculpture Event
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Working Teams and Watching Crowds
"I've watched SitC grow from one contest, to contests around the country. Everywhere it goes it's an amazing event."
Lorie Gordon
Portland SitC Lead Trainer

History of
Sand in the City®

In July1996, Portland Oregon was treated to a new concept of:

• Fun,

• Fund-Raising, and

• Team Building,

all for the benefit of a local NPO.

Downtown Portland’s Pioneer Square, “Portland’s Living Room”, was covered in sand, 13 company teams participated in a daylong competition to build the best sand sculpture.

That first year, Sand in the City® received:

• 30+ minutes of TV Coverage,
• Attracted crowds of 25,000, and
• Netted $13,000 for the NPO.


Sand in the City® has gone on to become a Signature Event wherever it goes. It often becomes the
• Largest Fund Raiser,
• Largest Publicity Generator, and the
• Largest Out Reach for new Members, Volunteers, and other friends of the organization.