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A Fund Raising, Team Building, Sand Sculpture Event
Winning Team
Working Teams and Watching Crowds
"I've been involved in numerous fund raising events, some I've invented, and some I've managed, but Sand in the City® towers over all as one of the best events I've ever been a part of."
Peggy Shaw
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The Event

Sand in the City® is a corporate challenge sand sculpture contest. Company Teams pay an entry fee to enter the contest. Companies receive advance training in sand sculpture techniques, and are paired with an architect to help them draw up their design.

The contest is held in a downtown location on a Friday. From10am-4pm, the teams will pound the sand into forms, remove the forms, and carve their sculptures. Sand Coaches, experienced sand sculptors, assist the teams.

Immediately after the contest, judging begins and Awards are given. The People’s Choice Award, waits until Sunday to be presented, after the public has had their chance to vote for their favorite sculpture.

Sand in the City® provides great opportunity for adjunct events throughout the weekend:
A Sand Blast Gala, Silent Auction, Stage Entertainment, Kids Activities, and more.
A full weekend of fun and entertainment for everyone!