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Partnering with NPOs for $$, Publicity and New Friends
Winning Team
Happy winning team at the Portland Sand in the City®
"Sand in the City® lets me help NPO's earn $$ ,and grow the sand sculpture community"
Bert Adams
Sand in the City®

Sand in the City® is dedicated to 3 things


Success is Seeing a NPO grow a community of supporters.


Success really shows itself in the second year when we go back, and the NPO has new board members from a company that had a team, is expanding their programs because they had the $$, and finds that the Publicity has helped open various doors.


Success is helping NPOs realize they can take charge of their destiny  by hosting an event that pays off in $$$, and New Long Term Supporters, not just writing another grant.


Success is Teams having a great time, and signing up year after year.

Success is team members realizing that they just might have artistic ability.


Success is growing a new Sand in the City ® Graduate.
Many of the Sand Coaches are Graduates of Sand in the City®. They started out on a team. They do Sand in the City® a couple of years, and get better and more confident in their sand abilities. Then, they’ll get invited to help be a Sand Coach at another contest. Coaching teams that are as unsure as they were when they started.

Carving the display sculpture with the other coaches they really learn new tricks. They go on to be confident Sand Coaches, and better carvers.


I’m proud to say that Sand in the City® has produced more sand sculptors that now compete at the Masters level in contests around the country, than any other organization out there.


Your Success is My Future