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A Fund Raising, Team Building, Sand Sculpture Event
Winning Team
Happy winning team at the Portland Sand in the City®
"Sand in the City® is a Community Builder disguised as a Fund Raiser"
Mary Frieden
Summer of the Arts

Sand in the City®

Since 1996, Sand in the City® has partnered with Non Profit Organizations to develop Sand in the City® contests in their cities. Sand in the City® quickly becomes their Signature Event, usually becoming their largest Fund Raiser and Publicity Generator. Sand in the City® is a strong Community Builder. Building that community gives you New Long Term Friends and Supporters. These are new volunteers, new board members, new in-kind donors, and most importantly, new Long Term Funding supporters. Sand in the City® usually is the biggest recruiter of new volunteers, members, and new donors.

Signature Event

Your Non Profit Organization is in competition with every other NPO in your area for funding. You need a Signature Event. Sand in the City® delivers a Signature Event that can net you $100K+, 30 to 90 minutes of TV coverage, and New Long Term Friends and Supporters.

Are you ready for a Signature Event that delivers Fund Raising, Publicity and New Friends and Long Term Supporters? All while giving your city a strong community builder?